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Grape Ape Cannabis Strain

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Grape Ape Strain Overview

The strain Grape Ape is an incredibly delicious strain tasting overwhelmingly of grapes, but also with notes of strawberry and candy as well. It’s an incredible mood booster of a strain, and can also be useful for increasing focus and your ability to relax. Great for evening use as well, due to its sleepy and sedating ending.

Today we are here again with another strain review, and this time we are exploring the wonder that is Grape Ape! If you are a big lover of sweet and fruity strains, then stick around because this indica-dominant beauty is not to be missed.

Sit back, grab a snack, and find out why you need to add Grape Ape to your strain collection.

What Is the Grape Ape Cannabis Strain?

This full-bodied indica is a delightful crossbreed of Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Original Afghani, making it a pretty exciting bud to indulge in.

However, despite its fruity nature, Grape Ape packs around 18-21% THC. Therefore, you can expect a high as delicious as the taste, featuring both mind and body effects.

Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm originally propagated this strain. It is a dense bud that offers a thick, weighty high, lending itself perfectly to a host of medical conditions.

Grape Ape Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Where do we start with Grape Ape? If there is one thing that can indeed be said about this flower without question, it’s that it is visually striking in every way. Although Grape Ape won’t typically grow very high, its large buds and distinctive appearance make it a favorite amongst growers and enthusiasts.

The dense buds of Grape Ape are shrouded in deep purple leaves, which darken as the flower matures. With a generous, moderate to high helping of trichomes, this is a reasonably sticky plant and gives off a potent fruity aroma.

Oh yes – one thing we love about Grape Ape is the enticing smell that resembles candy and berries. You will adore it if you like sweet strains. Those with a nose accustomed to cannabis should also get whiffs of skunk and hash, but the overpowering taste when you inhale will be grape.

With an almost sickly sweet flavor, you won’t need much to feel satisfied. This is great because a little of Grape Ape can go a long way when it comes to its high, too!

Cultivators typically consider this a strain with average difficulty, and novice growers could find this a challenging bud to work with.

It is possible to grow Grape Ape successfully outdoors. You will likely see that it proves its worth with high resistance to both disease as well as destructive insects.

If you are looking to grow Grape Ape indoors, you should find it reasonably easy to cultivate. However, in true indica form, this bud will likely grow outwards with bushy and hefty lateral branches, which will probably need some skilled maintenance work to keep it under control.

If you find yourself short on indoor space, don’t worry – these plants rarely exceed four feet in height. Additionally, you can trim down the broader leaves at the top of the plant to allow light to reach the lower half.

Grape Ape produces a sturdy yield of medium to large flowers and around 74 grams per square foot. And trust us you will love the scent this one gives off as it grows!

THC Content: Highest Test

Grape Ape is a fairly potent strain, containing an average 18-21% THC. Inexperienced users should start slowly to avoid unpleasant side effects.

CBD Content: Highest Test

This strain has pretty average CBD levels for a strain that is rich in THC. It rarely exceeds 1%, with average levels of around 0.6%. That said, Grape Ape still has some use as a medical marijuana strain.

Medical Benefits of Grape Ape Cannabis

The high of this indica-dominant hybrid is interesting. While many say that it knocks them out for the evening, others report a clear-headed and soothing high. What we know for sure is that a little too much can see you couch-locked for hours, so if this isn’t your aim, tread carefully!

You shouldn’t find Grape Ape too overpowering, but don’t underestimate the potency of its high. Users often describe it as full-bodied, leaving both your mind and body relaxed and spacey. Indeed a bud for evening smoking, people living with insomnia should benefit significantly from the sedative effects of Grape Ape.

Patients can apply Grape Ape to a range of conditions due to its useful pain-relieving properties. In fact, many athletes turn to this after an intense workout to ease muscle tension and soreness.


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