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The_True BiohazardThe_True Biohazard
15:04 25 Nov 22
This place is awesome!They always have what I am looking for! And I never have any issues with their shipping! Most places I have had several issues and such.
Clyde WilsonClyde Wilson
14:11 18 Oct 22
Awesome products really work and have multiple benefits similar to traditional THC blends I have tried!
Ll SsLl Ss
23:13 10 Oct 22
ordered off of their website.. i was skeptical at first being it was a company i never ordered from, but the customer services, products and shipping we’re excellent!!!
Matthew RileyMatthew Riley
16:18 09 Oct 22
Love Delta XL products. I have so far tried the vape juice and dab. I tend to be very picky when it comes to cannabis and how it taste and the effects, Delta XL products have always won hands down compared to anything else I try. Only thing I wish was the dab came in bigger sizes. I like their dab over others, good taste and effects plus it comes very cleanly off the silicone holder. Keep up the amazing work
Bob RobinsonBob Robinson
14:17 08 Oct 22
The Delta 8 100mg Gummy is an excellent product . Highest rating for quality , taste and organic purity .
Anthony DavisAnthony Davis
21:05 30 Sep 22
I am waiting to receive my free trial of their gummies but in dealing with them so far they have been amazing and always answer any questions I have right away
MeredithA WilsonMeredithA Wilson
15:24 24 Sep 22
Excellent product. Would recommend Delta 8 for anyone who is in Chronic Pain or suffers from Insomnia because it does the trick.
Nichole ZimmermanNichole Zimmerman
21:12 23 Sep 22
New delta 8 yellow jacket gummies are great. Would purchase again
I accidentally gave an old address and they called shipping company for me after it was already shipped and luckily package arrived to correct address. Thank u for helping with this I did not think it would be possible! Big thank you!
Emu KhanEmu Khan
02:46 02 Feb 22
Excellent distributor partnership for 3 of my locations. Have worked with SW Distro for two years and counting. Thank you for your support, as always. My order frequency varies based on time of year but normally about once every few months. Good support and knowledge when I have questions.
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