Delta 8 Cart


Mango Dream is a classic strain that gives serious sativa lovers everything that they could ask for

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Delta 8 Cart

Delta 8 Sativa is available from has a Mango Dream strain which they consider to be a class strain, and one which sativa fans will enjoy.

Delta 8 Cart

This is a hemp-derived delta 8 THC cartridge.

There is no fillers or cutting agenets in cartridges. They state that this would alter the purity and make it less effective. The only ingredients are high purity delta 8 distilliate concentrate along with premium terpenes.

Delta 8 Cart

Popular Mango Flavor.

Mango Tango is a fruit-citrus flavor that offers tasty fruit flavor, just like regular mangos. This is based on the terpene profile which comes from Mango Dream terpenes strain.

Enjoy Delta 8 THC

Using a 510 Thread Vape cartridge device, attach the cartridge and enjoy pure delta 8 THC concentrate vape.

Size: 1 gram

Strength: 800mg Delta 8 THC also offers D8co Delta 8 THC gummies in 25mg 20 count D8co Delta 8 THC.

delta 8 cart


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