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wholesale delta 8 edibles

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Delta 8 Cookies - Baked Grandmas
Delta 8 Rice Krispie Treats
Delta 8 Rice Krispie Treats - Baked Grandmas
Delta 8 Brownies
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Delta 8 Edibles

We specialize in wholesale and private labeling here at SW Distro. Anything wholesale related we will be able to assist you on including Wholesale Delta 8 Edibles. Everything from wholesale delta 8 gummies, to wholesale delta 8 brownies, wholesale delta 8 cookies, wholesale delta 8 rice krispie treats, delta 8 carts, and much more.


We have an elaborate range of options for you and can customize your orders for you based on your business type or store location. Some of our customers may have 1 location and some many have over 100, so each wholesale customers has unique differences and demographics.


Therefore, we are here to ensure we can be there for you by providing a customized approach to your situations. And in some cases it may make sense to private label your own brand, while others you can simply wholesale some of our brands. We make the process very smooth and simple for you. Sign up above to get started on wholesale delta 8 edibles and more. 


Why Buy Wholesale with SW Distro?

We are here to support you and grow at your pace. We have been operating since 2017 with plans to continue to grow.

We offer white labeling, private labeling, and wholesale. We work with everyone from small stores to master distributors and large scale corporations. We essentially are here for everyone who wants to make the most out of the business opportunity in delta 8 and all corresponding products.

Sign up for wholesale delta 8 edibles and we can also assist with delta 8 gummies wholesale, delta 8 wholesale cartridges, delta 8 wholesale, and other products including THCO, HHC, CBD, Kratom, and much more!

You are in excellent hands with us and we look forward to working with you. 


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