Clocked Out THCO Flower 3.5g & 7g
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Clocked Out THCO Flower is a ticket to an exciting and potent THC-O experience. This product is made with the best hemp flower buds cultivated with love and attention. The fusion of high-grade hemp flower, THC-O distillate concentrate, and natural terpenes creates a flavorful and delightful product.

Ingredients: Hemp Flower, THC-O Distillate Concentrate, and Natural Terpenes. 

Our THCO Flower is available with different strains namely Blue Zkittlez and Green Crack. These are two of the most flavorful cannabis strains available today. Here’s what to expect from Blue Zkittlez and Green Crack. 

Blue Zkittlez: This strain has a sweet and sour flavor with a bold citrus taste. The sweet candy-like note is the most dominant. Zkittlez also has earthy and floral undertones.

Green Crack: This strain has a sweet and spicy flavor and a strong mango taste that has earned it the nickname ‘Mango Crack.’ There are peppery notes and a signature diesel-like skunk flavor in the background. 

Clocked Out THCO Flower is available in a 3.5g or 7g container. You can use this product just like you’d use marijuana buds. Break the buds into small pieces and put them in your pipe, vaping device, or roll it into a joint. The addition of natural terpenes makes these flowers extra flavorful.

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THCO Flower

Clocked Out THCO Flower is the quintessential product for everyone who enjoys the ritual and intimate connection that comes from vaping or smoking herbs. Our THC-O flower is made with the choicest hemp flower rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. These flowers are coated with pure THC-O distillate and infused with natural terpenes to pack a strong punch and give you a more satisfying experience.

Clocked Out THCO Flower 3.5g & 7g

Clocked Out THCO Flower delivers a powerful and enjoyable high. Unlike delta 8, THC-O has an intense effect that is way stronger than what delta 9 produces. The THC-O experience has been likened to that of psilocybin. Some users have reported getting a psychedelic experience from using it. Clocked Out THCO Flower is only available to persons 21 years and above. We advise users to enjoy this product responsibly.

This product is made according to strict quality standards. It contains less than 0.3 percent delta 9 THC and has been tested by a third-party lab. Clocked Out THCO Flower comes in an airtight container to preserve the rich flavor and freshness of this product. It is available in a 3.5g and 7g container.

We understand that variety is the spice of life, so our Clocked Out THCO Flower is available in different strains. You can choose either Blue Zkittlez or Green Crack.

  • Blue Skittlez: This Indica-dominant hybrid strain is known for its aromatic terpene profile. It is one of the most flavorful strains around. Blue Zkittlez has a citrusy flavor with sweet, floral notes. There is also a hint of earthiness in this strain. Blue Zkittlez is a cross between Zkittlez and Blue Diamond.
  • Green Crack: This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain has been around since the 80s. Humboldt Seed Organization created a high-CBD, hemp version of this popular strain by crossing California Orange CBD with Green Crack. It has a delicious mango and citrus flavor with notes of pine, skunk, and hints of pepper.

What is THC-O?

THC-O (also known as THC-O Acetate) is a psychoactive and psychedelic synthetic cannabinoid. Although it was originally discovered in the 1950s, THC-O has become increasingly popular in recent months as hemp, marijuana and other cannabis-derived products become increasingly popular.

THC-O is arguably the most powerful form of THC. Compared to delta 9, the effect of THC-O is at least three times more intense and five times stronger than delta 8. Some users have reported getting a somewhat spiritual experience from using it.

Since THC-O is derived from hemp, it is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Is THC-O Safe?

Yes, THC-O is safe provided you buy from a reputable brand that has a team of experts who manufacture get their THC-O using high-quality ingredients. This is particularly important because the process of THC-O is quite complex and there’s a high risk of contamination if it is not made by professionals using top-quality ingredients in a standard facility.

At SW Distro, the safety of our users is our number one priority. So, we make each product according to the highest standards.

How Long Does It Take to Start Feeling the Effects of THC-O?

Although it is stronger than delta 9 and delta 8, it takes longer to feel the effect when you use THC-O. This is because THC-O is a prodrug and has to be metabolized by the liver before the effect will kick in.

It can take around 20 to 60 minutes or longer before you’ll start feeling the effects when you smoke or vape THC-O. It can take up to 30 minutes before the experience peaks.

If you like Clocked Out THC-0 Flower, try Clocked Out Delta-8 Dabs.


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Green Crack, Blue Zkittlez


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams


  1. Cassandra

    This product is god-sent for cannabis connoisseurs. It will take your sessions to the next level. The high it produces is sensational. It feels like weed on steroids. I have never been so high. It is surprisingly delightful.

  2. Jeffrey

    To be honest, weed lost some of its spark to me until I tried this product. THC-O has me enjoying THC again. The high is psychedelic. THC-O feels like a lovechild of weed and magic mushrooms. I’m loving it.

  3. Kenny

    I love the fact that this THC-O flower comes with different strains. They have the same flavor as regular strains and they burn with the same consistency. Since I discovered THC-O flowers, I’ve always had one in my stash and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon.

  4. Jose Vasquez

    These strain smell good and produce the best high. I thoroughly enjoy smoking it. This is my go-to flower when I want to get a deeply introspective experience or when I want to zone out.

  5. Roger L.

    These strains are all-round great, but I prefer Blue Skittlez to Green Crack. They produce a chill high which is way stronger than what you’ll get from the typical Blue Skittlez strain. I love it!

  6. Kurt Wells

    If you want to take your sesh to the next level, this is the product to get. These are premium weed strains and the high is sensational. I personally prefer these to THC-O carts because I love the ritual of rolling up. My girlfriend prefers the cart though.

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