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what is a specialty product

What Is a Specialty Product? Find Out From Specialty Wholesale

You walk into the grocery store, immediately head to an aisle, and grab what you need without looking. There are times when shopping doesn’t take a second, or even a first, thought.

Specialty products are very different. Purchasing these items requires some thought, brand loyalty, and uniqueness. What is a specialty product? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Specialty Product?

What is a specialty product exactly? A specialty product is a brand-associated good with unique features. They attract buyers that are loyal to a specific brand.

A consumer seeking specialty goods will purchase the goods based on these factors:

  • Brand focus
  • Product features

Consumers of specialty goods won’t accept a substitute that is similar to the product they are looking for.

For example, if a consumer wants to purchase designer clothing, they won’t accept a similar item that doesn’t have the brand name, even if it means spending more money on the specialty product.

Product features are one of the most important things consumers look for. Specialty products will have unique features and a product made from quality.

Attributes that make up unique specialty products include:

  • Seldom comparisons to other products
  • Less frequently purchased than substitute products (due to higher prices)
  • Unique brand perceptions

Specialty products cater to the needs of the wealthy and those that want specific features. These products contribute greatly to the economy despite only catering to a small group of people.


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Specialty Product Examples

You can find various specialty products on the market. Compared to other products, they aren’t distributed as often because they are unique in their pricing and features.

One of the most common examples of a specialty product is a sports car. Sports cars are unique in their features and unlike traditional vehicles.

Ferrari and Lamborghini are rare sports cars. If a consumer is set on one of these brands, they won’t settle for any car. Plus, there aren’t other vehicles on the market that are similar to what these cars offer.

what is a specialty product 2

In contrast, some fragrances are considered specialty goods because of their unique manufacturing process. Perfumes made from exotic materials are harder to find and cost a pretty penny.

However, it’s not uncommon to find dupes of fragrances. Consumers prefer to buy the brand name instead of settling for a cheaper version that smells similar.

Not all specialty products require special resources to manufacture. Instead, they are unique in their time to manufacture, effects, or rare composition.

Types of Consumer Products

To better understand specialty products, it’s important to know the different types of consumer products. The four types have different characteristics and base their marketing on consumer purchasing behavior.

Convenience Products

Convenience products are purchased more frequently than others. This is something that customers buy often, immediately, and without comparing brands. It takes no effort to buy convenience products.

Some examples of convenience products are:

  • Laundry detergents
  • Fast food
  • Bottled water
  • Magazines

These are low-priced products placed in multiple locations so that they are readily available to consumers that want them.

Shopping Products

Shopping products are compared based on style, quality, and price. These are less frequently purchased than convenience products and are carefully compared.

The examples of shopping products are:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Airline services
  • Used cards

These products require more time, effort, and research to purchase. Shopping products are distributed to fewer outlets but offer deeper sales to help customers compare.

The price is higher than convenience products, but shopping products aren’t the most expensive of the four consumer products.

Specialty Products

Specialty products are made for a special purchase. These consumer products have unique brand identification or characteristics.

Specialty products require much higher levels of effort during the purchasing process, and, therefore, the marketing funnel.

Along with expensive cars and designer clothes, Delta 8 and CBD oil can be considered specialty products. They are relevant to a small group of consumers.

delta 8 oil

Consumers don’t mind making greater efforts to purchase a specialty product. Buyers won’t compare these products because they have found exactly what they are looking for.

Unsought Products

The last of the four consumer products are unsought products. These are products that a consumer doesn’t know about or products they don’t think about buying on a regular basis.

Consumers won’t think about these products under normal conditions unless they need them.

New innovations are unsought until customers are made aware of the product. Life insurance and pre-planned funeral services are great examples of unsought products.

Marketers have to make consumers think about these products. The pricing of these items depends on their characteristics. They can be anywhere from affordable to very expensive.

Delta 8 Specialty Products

In general, the elite class in society makes up the category of buyers of specialty products. Yet, there are more affordable specialty products out there, such as Delta 8.

Delta 8 THC, Delta 8 vape juice, and Delta 8 pre-rolls are popular products these days. If you are a Delta 8 user, you likely have a brand that you love.

Delta 8 specialty products are pricier, but you can buy them from Specialty Wholesale for a better discount.

Delta XL is a common brand name that consumers look for. This brand offers HHC Vape Juice for up to $110 depending on the strength and flavor you select.

This is a higher price than other vape juices on the market, but many find it worth the cost.

what is a specialty product

Specialty Wholesale Distribution’s Specialty Products

Specialty Wholesale Distribution (SW Distro) is the leader in the cannabis and hemp markets for specialty products.

Let’s cover this one more time: What is a specialty product?

A specialty product is a consumer product or service with brand identification or unique features to a specific group of buyers. If you are looking for specialty Delta 8, CBD Oil, and more,  we’ve got you covered.

Shop our best-selling products now or contact us today to learn more about our specialty selection.


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