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Benefits of Delta 8

What Are the Benefits of Delta 8?

Weed and relaxation go together like maple syrup and pancakes. But for some recreational users, that high can turn sharply into anxiety and paranoia.

Marijuana provides a wide variety of benefits. It may ease depression and PTSD. But some users may actually exacerbate these conditions, even in low doses.

Enter Delta 8. Delta 8 is an isomer of the Delta 9 found in most cannabis THC. Early users report a much mellower experience without those negative risks.

However, research is in the early phases. Despite the reported benefits of delta 8, is it safe to use, and does it work? Keep reading as we discuss this newcomer on the market. [What are the benefits of Delta 8?]

What Is Delta 8?

For starters, Delta 8 is a cannabis derivative. While legalization across the United States is a patchwork, cannabis derivatives are legal. Another example of a popular derivative is CBD, also legal.

Delta 8 is an isomer of Delta 9, what you would commonly call THC. This is the psychoactive drug that is responsible for the cannabis high. Delta 8, as an analog, is notably less potent than the Delta 9 also found in weed.

Delta 8 appears in small amounts in the bud. However, these amounts are too small for you to smoke them straight from raw bud. Producers have to extract large amounts of the delta 8 analog before they become potent. [What are the benefits of Delta 8?]

As such, delta 8, in its natural form, is legal. Synthetic delta 8, on the other hand, is illegal.

Is Delta 8 Legal?

The answer is not a clear yes or no. Legally speaking, delta 8 is not prohibited to the degree that THC is. Places where THC remains illegal may allow the sale of Delta 8 or CBD.

So why is delta 8 legal? Drug producers can create compounds that mimic the effect of a certain drug, but do not share its chemical structure. This allows them to bypass laws that ban them.

However, some states ban the sale due to the lack of research. Like all things synthetic, we don’t yet understand the long-term effects of using this analog.

Keep this in mind before you decide to use delta 8. Synthetic drugs are, on the whole, safe for consumption. We see this with birth control, which often includes hormones that are not bioidentical.

However, do so at your own risk. If you have any reservations, wait for further research. And last of all, make sure it’s legal in your state before you purchase Delta 8.  [What are the benefits of Delta 8?]

WHAT ARE THE Benefits of Delta 8?

Since Delta 8 is a close cousin of Delta 9, it may seem like it should be the same as THC. However, this variant interacts with your body differently. The way your organism processes delta 8 results in a very different experience.

The main benefit of Delta 8 is that it provides a less “hardcore” experience while using marijuana. This might seem strange to those that are unfamiliar with weed. But like all highs, one can have a bad experience if the drug carries their emotional state in the wrong direction.

This is common along those who use psilocybin. Your emotions upon ingesting the drug can dictate the experience you have. Having overall negative emotions could lead to a bad trip.

The same follows, to a degree, with marijuana. Marijuana serves to build upon the emotions you’re already feeling in the moment. While it does relax most people, some can get a bad reaction.

Here are some of the user-reported delta 8 benefits:

  • Reduction in nausea
  • Prevention of vomiting, such as that induced by cancer treatments
  • Pain relief
  • Help with mental health issues
  • Improvement of appetite

It bears mentioning that delta 8 is still in the preliminary stages of research. Much of the above benefits come courtesy of self-reporting. While self-reporting is a valuable means of gathering data, it’s not definitive.

At the end of the day, further research is necessary. Delta 8 seems to be a promising compound, and its popularity attests to its effectiveness. But for the purposes of this article, we recommend just as much caution as with regular delta 9 THC.

One thing is clear: Delta 8 users seem to use it to treat mental conditions. Since there’s less risk of triggering anxiety or paranoia, it’s great for people with anxiety or ADHD. [What are the benefits of Delta 8?]

How to Use Delta 8

Like THC, you can use delta 8 in almost any form you like. However, it’s recommended that you go for non-smoking options.

Try edibles if you want an easy, ready-to-go option. Vaping also works for those who prefer it. Tinctures are another option if you want to expand your horizons.

The same rules apply when using delta 8 as when using marijuana. Start with a small dose your first time, and work your way up in successive sessions. Edibles provide an easy way to control your dose so you don’t have to eyeball it with vape.

Control your dose if you’re vaping. Stop inhaling if you start to feel lightheaded, sick, or dizzy. 

Make sure you’re in a comfortable environment. Use delta 8 around people you trust. Having a “designated driver” to control intake is always a good idea. [What are the benefits of Delta 8?]

Delta 8 Side Effects

Again, the research is preliminary. This seems to be an incredibly popular compound, and the majority of users testify of how wonderful it is. Further, most of the users have turned to delta 8 to avoid some of the harsher side effects of THC.

Some users have reported the following:

  • Anxiety and confusion
  • Drowsiness
  • Slow or fast heart rate
  • Numbness
  • Low blood pressure

Note, many of these side effects are common with a bad THC experience. The moral of the story is to exercise caution. Keep close control of your dose, and seek medical care immediately in the event of an emergency.

Delta 8 serves as a milder alternative, but using a stronger dose may negate those benefits.  [What are the benefits of Delta 8?]

Will Delta 8 Register on a Drug Test?

Drug tests don’t differentiate between cannabinoid compounds. Delta 8 is an analog of the Delta 9 found in regular THC, and chances are the drug test will pick it up.

If you need a drug test, then you should avoid delta 8 several weeks before the test. 

Purchase High-Quality Delta 8

Delta 8 THC is a promising chemical analog to the well-known delta 9 THC. The benefits of delta 8 tout it as a less-intense alternative to regular THC. Users may not suffer the negative side effects of weed, such as anxiety and paranoia.

It’s important to purchase your cannabis-derived products from a responsible seller. Check out SW Distro for legal THC derivatives and informative blogs.



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