Delta XL Delta 8 Gummy Bears
Delta 8 Gummy Bears | Delta XL
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Delta 8 Gummy Bears | Delta XL


Our Delta XL Delta 8 Gummy Bears are the most delicious way to consume Delta 8. These tasty treats have the same classic shape, colorful appearance, soft texture, sweet taste, and fruity flavor as regular gummy bears. However, they each contain about 33mg of pure, hemp-sourced Delta 8 distillate. 

Our Delta 8 Gummy Bears do not only produce an enjoyable effect but will also captivate your taste buds. The sensory experience starts from your palate and climaxes with a satisfying “high.”The psychotropic experience is not as intense as what you’ll get from eating a cannabis edible, but it is just as delightful. 

We use only the choicest ingredients to make these Delta 8 Gummy Bears to ensure they are safe and effective. The gummies come in a portable jar. We recommend storing it in a cool, dry place away from any direct exposure to light. A lot of people tend to store gummies in the fridge, which is good but you can also choose to keep them in your kitchen cabinet or office drawer for easier access. 

We recommend starting with half or one of our Delta 8 Gummy Bears. Once you become accustomed to the effects, you can alter the dosage according to your personal preference. 

Our Delta XL Delta 8 Gummy Bears come in 15-count (500mg) or 30-count (1000mg) jars. 

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Enjoy your delta 8 gummy bears in the most delicious way, with Delta XL Gummy Bears. With a variety of fruity flavors in soft tasty flavored gummies, these gummy bears will be enjoyed not just for the effects, but also for the great taste. Available in 500mg and 1,000mg.

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What are the strongest Delta 8 gummies?
The strongest delta 8 per container are Delta XL 3,000mg Peach Rings. The total container offers 90 delta 8 rings totaling 3,000mg. They are very popular and should last a good amount of time before you need to reorder. Look out for coupons and specials as these are sometimes offered with coupons. If you haven’t already signed up for email promotions, go ahead and signup now!

Are all Delta 8 gummies the same?
No, not all delta 8 products are the same. Every company may have a different product formulation, different ingredients; but ultimately, each company should be using a delta 8 distillate as the active ingredient. Make sure the company you are working with has a valid hemp permit within the corresponding state in which they operate. That will help narrow down a verifiable company that you can trust. Food safety is of critical importance, and any company that has a food permit has been inspected thoroughly and gets all of its ingredients from trusted sources.

Are Delta 8 Gummies worth it?
Well, that would be a personal question. Some people may not like to chew things and may prefer to smoke or use more of a sublingual method of ingestible rather than having to chew. But if you are someone who generally likes edibles, and doesn’t mind the extra effort in chewing, then you won’t have a problem enjoying delta 8 gummies.

What is the strongest strain of Delta 8?
Generally speaking, Sativa strains are more likely to feel strongest and are more for daytime use.

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500mg 15ct, 1000mg 30ct

8 reviews for Delta 8 Gummy Bears | Delta XL

  1. Adam

    I highly recommend these delta 8 gummy bears if you’re looking for a marijuana-alternative treat. They taste great, the high is good, and they’re completely legal. They taste just like candy. I have to control myself not to eat too many at once.

  2. Courtney Weber

    As an adult, I always feel guilty eating gummy bears, but when I found these delta 8-infused gummies, I was elated. Not only do they taste sumptuous, they also have produce a good high.

  3. Candace

    These gummies are super effective. My first experience with this product was taking one gummy at night on a day I wasn’t very tired. I slept like a baby. I thought the effect was so intense because I haven’t used any cannabis products in many years, but it still has the same effect to this day. Not that I get too high, its just the most peaceful zen vibe.

  4. Liz Hogan

    Delta 8 gummies make me feel relaxed. Almost like taking a heavy load from my shoulders and I can just breathe again. I use these gummies more frequently than I’ll care to admit. The thing is that I have a super stressful job so I can be excused. Seriously though, these gummies are a life saver. Literally!

  5. Pam G.

    I am confident in Delta XL products because I know they’re made with high-quality ingredients and tested before they are sold. I am impressed with the consistent quality in all their products. These gummies are highly recommended. You won’t be disappointed.

  6. Young Jones

    These delta 8 gummies are a game changer! Its legal high!! They’re so multifunctional. I use them when I’m hanging out with my friends and I want to loosen up a little. I also use them at nights when I find it hard to sleep. The high is not too strong, and I don’t wake up feeling spaced out.

  7. Freddie

    Great product. The effect seems to last longer than delta 8 carts, maybe its the ingestion method but I love these gummies. It is tasty and immensely enjoyable. The high is divine.

  8. Amy Lesford

    This is my first time trying these gummies. Understandably, I was a little on the fence but this is a pleasantly good product – both the taste and the effects are amazing. I really enjoyed it.

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