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Made with high-grade, pure Delta 8 distillate and infused with natural terpenes to mimic the flavor of some of the most legendary cannabis strains, our Clocked Out Delta 8 Concentrate represents the epitome of dabbing excellence. This concentrate contains a high dose of Delta 8 and is designed to deliver a potent smoking or vaping experience.

We source our Delta 8 distillate from hemp plants grown in the US. Our team of in-house experts pays close attention to detail through the process of manufacturing this concentrate. This ensures that there are no contaminants in our products. This Delta 8 Dab Concentrate is made without additives or preservatives. It is also free of MCT, PG, VG, and PEG oil.

You can choose from different strains when shopping for this product. The options include:

  • Blue Dream (Sativa)
  • Green Crack (Sativa)
  • Hardcore OG. (Indica)

Our Delta 8 Dab Concentrate comes in an airtight jar. Each Jar contains 1g of distillate. This concentrate is designed to have the perfect texture to allow you to load it on your rig or pipe and enjoy a sensational high.

This dab concentrate and all our products are made in the US. This product is tested by a third-party laboratory to guarantee its purity and potency.

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Delta 8 Dab | Clocked Out

You can tell from the color and texture of our Delta 8 Dab Concentrate that this is the real deal! It burns slowly to allow you to enjoy the thrilling Delta 8 buzz to the fullest. Using our Delta 8 concentrate is one of the most effective ways to get a potent Delta 8 high. This Delta 8 concentrate is infused with natural terpenes. Each strain has a unique terpene blend. The terpenes do not only give this product a unique taste and aroma but also accentuate its effects.

Delta 8 Dab

Here’s a bit of information about what you can expect from the different strains of our Delta 8 Dab Concentrate.

  • Blue Dream: This hugely popular Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is known for its sweet blueberry flavor. Blue Dream also has some herbal notes. This strain has a strong, pleasant aroma that fills the air when you use it.
  • Green Crack: This timeless, potent Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, which was popularized by rapper Snoop Dogg, has a sweet citrus and mango flavor. It also has earthy and woody notes.

Hardcore OG: This potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain has a complex flavor. You get notes of honey, berries, cardamon, lavender, pine, and skunk. This is one of those strains that you just can’t get enough of.

Are Delta 8 Dabs strong?

Delta-8 Dabs are highly potent and provide the purest form of delta-8 in its concentrated form. Depending on the potency, delta-8 normally ranges from 80-95% in purity, therefore it will not take a lot to enjoy the effects of delta-8 dabs.

How do you use Delta 8 Dabs?
Delta-8 dabs can be used in a variety of ways. Considering this is a very thick oil, you will need to typically use something to remove the delta 8 from its container. Try a small spoon or knife. Carefully apply the delta-8 to your rig device for smoking, or to your hemp flower, or edible food if you prefer to swallow your delta-8. There are many ways you can use delta 8 dabs, so feel free to get creative. We do suggest not overindulging, however, as delta-8 dabs are concentrates and high in potency.

How long does Delta 8 last?
Depending on the individual, delta-8 may last a longer or short amount of time-based on a few variables such as height, weight, age, and tolerance. Some may feel the effects for several hours, while others may need to take a larger quantity of delta-8 to feel the same effects.

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Blue Dream, Green Crack, Hardcore O.G.


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