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Magic Mushroom Spores: Everything You Need to Know

Think growing magic mushrooms is hard? You must be tripping!

Magic mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular as a therapeutic tool for treating depression and other conditions. Many people want to grow their own mushrooms for safety, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.

Growing your own magic mushrooms doesn’t require a lot of time and is something that even beginners can do. However, it does take patience and an understanding of the different stages of growth that spores go through before forming healthy mushroom caps.

If you’re looking to grow your own magic mushroom spores, we’ve got you covered! This article covers everything you need to know about getting started growing psychedelic mushrooms. Read on to learn more!

What Do You Need to Get Started?

Growing magic mushrooms is a great hobby for those who are interested in biology, chemistry, and agriculture. People interested in health and wellness may find growing their own to be a fun challenge.

However, please be advised that psilocybin mushrooms and their spores are only to be used for research purposes and may not be legal in every state. Be sure to check your state and local laws before beginning to grow magic mushrooms. 

The two main ingredients that you need to grow magic mushrooms are the spores or a mycelium culture, substrate, and some sort of food source. These can both be obtained through specialty stores.

This substrate needs to be sterile, as other fungi and pathogens can contaminate and kill your psychedelic mushrooms. Your food source should also be sterile, so rice and grains are a good place to start. 

Spores are the most common and cheapest way to introduce your magic mushrooms to their substrate. If you are starting a grow completely from scratch, this is the best place to start. The introduction of spores or mycelium culture is called “inoculation.”

Once you have an established mushroom colony, you can take parts of the mycelium culture and transplant it to new growth containers. The mycelium is the larger fungus that spawns visible mushroom growth. 

Other than spores and substrate, you will also need a container of some kind to house your magic mushroom spores. Clear bags are a popular choice for beginners, as you can see your mycelium’s growth. Clear acrylic tanks (like for catching insects) or plastic pots are also popular. 

You will also need a thermometer and hygrometer to monitor the temperature and humidity. Mushrooms like it warm and damp! A spray bottle can help you maintain the moisture levels in your growing environment. 

Make sure that there is a light source for your magic mushrooms. While mushrooms generally prefer dark places, remember that in the wild, they still get some sunlight. Artificial lighting is fine, but exposure to indirect natural sunlight is best.

Sanitization supplies such as bleach, air sanitizers, rubber gloves, and an N92 mask will also be necessary during the inoculation process.   


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Growing Conditions & Setup

There are many factors that will affect the growth of your mushrooms, and the first step in cultivating them is to create a sterile environment. Sterile means free from living organisms that could potentially contaminate and infect the mushroom.

Before adding your substrate to your growing bags or planters, make sure to thoroughly bleach the containers. Any surface that you prepare also needs to be wiped down. Make sure that there is no heavy airflow in your space, as well.

After cleaning, you’ll put your food source into a sterile container. Magic mushrooms in spore form generally come in a syringe in a liquid mixture. Make sure to shake this vigorously. You should also sterilize the tip of your syringe.

Once your syringe is ready, insert your spore solution into your grow container. That’s all it takes! The spores will take hold and feed on the food source, and establish a mycelium culture over time.

The Growing Process

There are several steps to the growing process. Following the right steps at the right time will ensure a productive magic mushroom harvest.


During this phase, the spores will attach to the food source and start to colonize. You’ll likely notice white fuzzy stuff growing inside of your culture. 

Fruit Block Assembly

Once your mushroom colony is established, you’ll want to break it up and mix it into your substrate. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt your mycelium by splitting it up! 

The substrate will provide other nutrients and retain water for your mushroom colony. You need to seal your growing container at this time. After a while, the mycelium will spread throughout your fruit block. 


When you start to notice little growths coming out of the surface, you’re on the right track! They likely won’t look like full-grown mushrooms yet, but little tentacles peeking out of the substrate.

At this point, you should open up your growing container again. This will induce the fruiting phase.


During the fruiting phase, mushrooms will begin to grow their caps and get much bigger. They need plenty of oxygen in order to respire and complete this growth process.

Make sure to keep a close eye on your humidity levels and temperature during this phase. Magic mushroom spores require a fairly delicate hand to fruit successfully.

magic mushrooms

Contaminated Magic Mushrooms

Contamination is the nemesis of fungi cultivation.

You’ll know you’ve got contamination if you have a funky, sour smell coming from your fruiting blocks. Weird colors and any kind of ooze are also potential signs of contamination. 

Separate any contaminated fruit blocks from the rest of your grow operation. Other fungi and bacteria can spread through the air, so it’s best to be cautious.

To prevent contamination, leave your magic mushrooms alone as much as possible! It may be tempting to check on them several times a day, but leave the containers closed until your mushrooms are pinning. You should also avoid opening and closing outside doors as much as you can. 

Buying Magic Mushroom Spores 

As you can see, growing magic mushrooms is a great way to explore biology, chemistry, and agriculture. It doesn’t hurt that you also get a fun trip after your harvest, either.


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