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Is delta 8 THC legal in virginia

Is Delta 8 Legal in Virginia? And Where to Buy

Hemp has been around for a long time, and people have been utilizing it for different purposes since 2,800 BC. Today, hemp products such as delta 8 are more popular than ever, but there are still some regulations concerning them across the United States. Is delta 8 legal in Virginia, you might ask?

What are the laws concerning the purchase or possession of delta 8 in Virginia? What does the federal law and state law have to say about it, and what about the Food and Drug Administration? Keep reading and learn more about the legality of this form of THC in Virginia. 

[Is Delta 8 Legal in Virginia]

Is Delta 8 Legal in Virginia?

If you read any press release concerning the use or possession of delta 8 THC in Virginia, you will find that it is completely legal. The cultivation and possession of hemp plants and hemp products have already been legal in this state for a few years. This is also the case with delta 8 products. 


is delta 8 legal in Virginia


However, there has been some pushback concerning synthetic THC that became prominent on June 30. Delta 8 is indeed a form of synthetic THC. While delta 8 does occur naturally in hemp and cannabis plants, it only occurs in very small amounts.

For that reason, it is very difficult for manufacturers to gather enough delta 8 to create delta 8 hemp products. For that reason, labs have started to create a synthetic version of delta 8. This synthetic version is derived from CBD oil. 

It is more or less identical to natural delta 8 on a chemical level. There is some pushback regarding the legality of this form of THC for a variety of reasons. To start, it does cause a psychoactive high when consumed. 

This makes it very similar to delta 9, which many people know as ordinary THC. Medical marijuana is often delta 9 THC. THC products that consist of delta 9 THC tend to be stronger than delta 8 THC products. 

[Is Delta 8 Legal in Virginia]

The Details

The pushback to delta 8 products mainly has to do with Virginia food laws and the Virginia Department of Agriculture. The hemp industry may have to adjust certain factors when it comes to selling hemp or THC edibles in particular. 

Many people are somewhat confused by the new laws concerning hemp and cannabis. For example, the 2018 farm bill proposed the legality of hemp production. And yet, many hemp products are still in a legal gray area in Virginia. 

Everyone from the general assembly to the attorney general, the governor Glenn Youngkin, and beyond seems to say different things. But what exactly does all this mean for you? Can you use delta 8 in Virginia, or can’t you?

The first thing that you need to understand is that the legal situation is different for recreational marijuana and cannabis plant products compared to hemp products. In particular, delta 8 derived from hemp is not an illegal substance in the state of Virginia. 

Marijuana sales, on the other hand, are more complicated from a legal standpoint. Marijuana is legal to possess in small quantities but not legal to sell in Virginia. 

[Is Delta 8 Legal in Virginia]

What You Need To Know About Delta 8

Now that you know that delta 8 is legal in Virginia, you might be wondering what makes it so special in the first place. After all, is it really any different than regular delta 9 THC? As it turns out, there are a few differences between these two types of THC, and it doesn’t just have to do with the plants they come from. 

In general, delta 9 is much stronger than delta 8. Some people refer to delta 8 as a “lite” form of regular THC. This is true because while both of these forms of THC produce a psychoactive high, the high associated with delta 8 products is much smoother. 

This is important because some people don’t like the high that delta 9 products cause. Some people may find that a delta 9 high is much too intense and leaves them feeling too fatigued or not themselves. Some people who are sensitive to delta 9 may also be at a higher risk for experiencing certain THC side effects. 

While the side effects of THC are not dangerous, they can be very unpleasant. They may include nausea, an upset stomach, dizziness, fatigue, and more. But with delta 8, your chances of experiencing these side effects are very low. 

[Is Delta 8 Legal in Virginia]

The Effects

When you use delta 8, you will find that it will create a very mellow and soothing high rather than a heavy or intense high. Many people like to use delta 8 to help them relax after a hard day. Some people even find that it can help them fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. 

There are many ways to use delta 8. A popular way is to vape this substance. Vaping produces instant effects. 

As soon as you breathe in the vapor, the THC will diffuse from your lungs and into your blood, where it will then travel to your brain to enact its effects. You can also use topical delta 8. This form will not provide as noticeable effects, but it can certainly help with certain parts of your body. 

Some people like to apply delta 8 topicals on their achy joints since THC is a natural anti-inflammatory product.

[Is Delta 8 Legal in Virginia]

All About Delta 8 Products in Virginia

Is delta 8 legal in Virginia, you might ask? While the legality is somewhat complicated, it is perfectly legal to purchase and consume delta 8 products derived from hemp in the state of Virginia. There are many ways you can enjoy delta 8 products. 

They are known for their smooth and relaxing effects, and they come in all sorts of forms, such as vapes, topicals, and more. To learn more about delta 8 THC products, check out our delta 8 selection here. 



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