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is delta 8 legal in Michigan

Is Delta 8 Legal in Michigan? And Where to Buy

The landscape of the entire cannabis business is shifting. It’s not so stigmatized, and more people are out in the open about their consumption. 

What’s also changing is the type of cannabis that people are deciding to use. About one out of every 6 cannabis users today use Delta 8 THC. 

If you’re a Michigan cannabis enthusiast, we already know what you’re asking…

What makes Delta 8 different? Is Delta 8 legal in Michigan? Keep reading for answers. [is delta 8 legal in Michigan]

What Is Delta 8?

THC is the chemical that makes people feel “high” or euphoric when they use cannabis. There are several layers and forms of THC, all the way up to Delta 10. 

This is a form of cannabis that is legal in more places than its cousin, which derives from Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabis has largely been a statewide issue, so the legality depends on where you live. 

Delta 9 is the variety that is illegal on the federal level. Based on federal law, Delta 8 is a hemp product, which makes it legal for sale and consumption. This is thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which opened the door for this and other hemp products. 

Aside from this legal designation and that it comes from hemp, which has more cannabidiol (CBD) and minimal Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 is virtually identical.

It synthesizes with the brain and body differently, which for most people means that it isn’t as intense and is more palatable for people who aren’t used to the strong psychoactive properties of THC. [is delta 8 legal in Michigan]

Is Delta 8 Legal in Michigan?

While Delta 8 is legal on the federal level, each state has the opportunity to figure out how they want to regulate it. So, what about Michigan?

Absolutely! Michigan allows people to legally sell and consume Delta 8 THC, and it has regulations in place to make sure that people are doing so responsibly. 

According to Michigan Delta 8 legislation, Delta 8 is regulated the same as all other cannabis. This means that companies that sell Delta 8 have to comply with state Delta 8 laws and sell it in accordance with the state regulatory board. 

Michigan is a cannabis-friendly state since it allows you to purchase either medical or recreational cannabis, in addition to Delta 8. The state also allows other derivatives, including Delta 10 THC. [is delta 8 legal in Michigan]

The Different Types of Delta 8 Products

If you are going to purchase Delta 8 products, you need to know what variety is available. Like Delta 9 THC, there are several kinds of products that you can ingest in order to get the effects that you would like. 

So, what kinds of Delta 8 products are available? [is delta 8 legal in Michigan]

Delta 8 Flower

Delta 8 flower is one of the more popular forms of this chemical. It’s the tried and true old-school form of the plant in its rawest form. 

Like Delta 9 THC, many people that love cannabis prefer to smoke it. The same applies to Delta 8 products. Like its Delta 9 cousin, Delta 8 comes in the Indica, Sativa, and hybrid varieties. 

An Indica is a type of cannabis that gives you bodily effects. It’s more sedating and useful for pain relief and helps with insomnia. Sativas are cerebral highs that give you more focus and euphoria. 

Hybrid Delta 8 strains contain a good mix between both sativa and indica strains.  [is delta 8 legal in Michigan]

Delta 8 Edibles

There are plenty of different Delta 8 edible products that you can try out also. With edibles, you can ingest the cannabis into your bloodstream without having to smoke it. 

The cannabis is activated by heat, typically in the form of a cannabis butter, oil, or other methods. From there, it’s baked or manufactured into goods like brownies, cookies, hard candies, and even salty snacks. 

The Delta 8 edibles that you purchase will have their dosage listed on the package so that you know how much THC you’re ingesting. It takes longer for the effects of edibles to set in because of the way that it goes through your bloodstream. 

This also typically makes the effects stronger and longer lasting. [is delta 8 legal in Michigan]

Delta 8 Brownies


Delta 8 Tinctures

Many people also like Delta 8 tinctures. These tinctures are created by extracting the Delta 8 THC from the plant, into a solution that you hold under your tongue so that it absorbs into your bloodstream. 

People use this for pain relief, relief from nausea, and recreational use. [is delta 8 legal in Michigan]

Delta XL delta 8 THC

Delta 8 Vapes

Vapes are also incredibly popular today. It’s an alternative for people who prefer not to smoke, or who wish to ingest Delta 8 more discreetly. 

You can purchase disposable Delta 8 vapes or cartridges that you can screw into a battery. It’s one of the easiest ways to purchase and use Delta 8 strains of any variety. [is delta 8 legal in Michigan]

WOW Vapors Delta 8 Vape Juice

Buying Delta 8 in Michigan

Make sure that you also figure out where to buy Delta 8 THC. 

Find a smoke shop that specializes in Delta 8 products. Many of these shops also sell CBD products and other cannabis derivatives. 

Make sure that any store that you look into is licensed and certified, and that they only sell lab-certified products. You can also place orders online, either for delivery within the next few hours or to have them shipped to your home via post. [is delta 8 legal in Michigan]

Shop for the Best Delta 8 Products

Is Delta 8 legal in Michigan? This article explains the legality of this plant, so you can figure out how you can sample the best that the industry has to offer.  

SW Distro offers retail and wholesale CBD oil, Delta 8, and Delta 10 products. Get in touch with us on our contact form or shop all products.  


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