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How long does delta 8 thc last in your sytem

Delta 8 THC: How Long Does Delta 8 Last in Your System?

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Many folks call Delta 8 THC “diet weed” or “marijuana lite” because it offers a softer high than Delta 9, which is regular marijuana. Delta 8 also serves up the same medical benefits with less potential for negative side effects such as anxiety.

For those of you curious about, “How long does delta 8 THC last in your system?” another pro of Delta 8 is that you can expect it to clear out in a shorter time than Delta 9. Overall, though, Delta 8 does have the potential to remain in your blood and urine for two to 30 days.

Overview of How Long Delta 8 Lingers

If you have taken Delta 8 just one or two times, expect it to stay in your system for about 48 hours. If you are a regular user, expect the process to take up to four weeks. It may be shorter, perhaps two weeks, if you are younger and not taking other medications.

Delta 9 (regular marijuana) can stay in your system for as long as a few months. So can Delta 8, technically, since traces are sometimes found in hair a few months after consumption. The hair testing method is unreliable, though, and not really used for drug testing. Don’t worry about it.

In general, the length of time Delta 8 lingers in your system depends on the dosage, how you consumed the Delta 8, your age, how often you use it, and other factors. First, let’s explore the effect of dosage amounts. Later, this post discusses what to do about Delta 8 THC if you expect to take a drug test soon.

Dosage Amount: Can Increase Time in System By a Few Hours

The higher your Delta 8 dosage, the longer it stays in your system. The good news if you took a huge dose is that the Delta 8 THC stays only a few hours longer than a smaller dose would. You don’t need to worry about a larger dose taking extra days or weeks to disappear. If you repeatedly take large doses, though, they will accumulate more in your fat cells than smaller doses would.

How Often You Use Delta 8: Can Increase Time in System by a Week or More

Delta 8 THC takes longer to clear out of your body if you use it quite a bit. Delta 8 is a cannabinoid, meaning that repeated use causes it to build up in fat cells. Frequent use over extended periods, especially in higher doses, leads to more accumulation.

Now, when you stop using Delta 8, the stores that have accumulated in your cells re-enter your bloodstream. It takes about seven days, or a week, for your body to eliminate the Delta 8 if you regularly use it once or twice a week. If you use it, say, every day, expect the process to take twice as long or even longer.

The Method You Consumed Delta 8: Inhaled Delta 8 Leaves Your System About Two Times Faster

If you vape/inhale your Delta 8 THC, you feel the effects within minutes. When you use edibles, it takes longer to feel the effects. Similarly, inhaled Delta 8 leaves your system faster (possibly two times faster) than Delta 8 edibles.

A note of caution: Official, comprehensive studies have not been done yet on the metabolism of Delta 8 consumption methods, so this data is based on similar principles observed with Delta 9 and CBD.

Your Age: Delta 8 Could Take Twice as Long to Clear Out of Older People’s Systems

If you are in your 20s or 30s, your system may need three or four days to clear a large Delta 8 dose. When you are in your 60s or 70s, expect the process to take twice as long due to slower metabolic rates. This “rule” is far from universal, though. Everyone’s bodies are very different. It is possible for an 80-year-old to clear Delta 8 out of his system as quickly as a 30-year-old does. (It is not clear to what extent factors such as obesity play in drug metabolism processes.)

Genetics and Enzymes: More CYP3A4 Enzymes Mean Faster Clearing Out

So, how could some 80-year-olds clear Delta 8 as quickly as a 30-year-old? The answer relates to different genetic and metabolic factors. The liver is responsible for metabolizing alcohol, Delta 8, and other substances. CYP3A4 is the enzyme the liver uses to break down Delta 8, and some folks have a lot more of it than other folks do.

How Long Does Delta 8 THC Last in Your System?

Any Medications and Supplements You Are Also Taking: Delta 8 Remains Longer

Expect Delta 8 to linger in your system longer if you are taking other substances. Let’s return to the liver and the CYP3A4 enzyme for a moment. If you are taking other medications, vitamins, or supplements, the liver also has to metabolize them. CYP3A4 is not required for all metabolic processes, but it is involved in quite a few. It’s likely that whatever you are taking also needs CYP3A4. That creates competition and backups in the liver. Delta 8 is forced to remain in your system while other things get cleared out.

Drug Tests and How Long Does Delta 8 THC Last in Your System?

If you are searching online for, “How long does delta 8 thc last in your system?” it probably relates to a drug test. The bad news first: It is entirely possible to fail a drug test if you use Delta 8. Blood and urine tests will probably find traces of the cannabinoid. (You don’t need to worry about whether it remains in your hair since that method is unreliable and not really used.)

The good news: Depending on the timing of the drug test and the information in this guide about how long it lingers in your system, you can make an educated decision about whether you would test positive. If you are younger and an infrequent user, your chances look reasonably good two weeks after the last time you used.

Interestingly, Delta 8 is legal in the United States as far as federal law goes. It is Delta 9 that is illegal, but drug tests generally do not differentiate between the two.

Does Drinking a Lot of Water Help?

Websites seemingly everywhere recommend drinking lots of water to flush marijuana out of your system. Is this a legitimate thing? The reality is that studies on this topic are lacking, but educated guesses are possible. The kidneys’ filtration rate does not change in any significant way whether you drink extra water or not.

Long answer short: It won’t hurt to drink a lot of water (it rarely does but avoid excessive amounts!). Do not count on the drinking water method to pass a drug test.

Primer on Delta 8 if You Are a New User

Most people inhale Delta 8 or use tinctures or edibles. As with anything else, you should start with a low dose and work your way up until you get the effects you want. If you rush the process, you are more likely to experience negative side effects even though Delta 8 is not as potent as Delta 9.

Vaping for new users: Inhale two or three puffs and wait half an hour. If you feel nothing at all, you may want to try one or two more puffs. The effects can last as long as three hours after inhalation with the peak time about an hour or hour and half after inhalation.

Vaping for users who have Delta 9 tolerance: Consider doubling the number of Delta 9 puffs you would take. For instance, if you normally need three Delta 9 puffs to feel high, you might need six Delta 8 puffs. If you have not smoked or consumed any form of marijuana in a long time, consider yourself a beginner as far as Delta 8 puff recommendations.

Gummies and tinctures for new users: Tinctures may kick in after 30 to 45 minutes, while gummies and edibles might take two hours to deliver effects. In comparison, vaping can begin delivering a high in just five to 15 minutes. If you are a new Delta 8 user and taking tinctures, wait 45 minutes to assess if you need another dosage (two hours if you’re doing edibles).

How Long Does Delta 8 THC Last in Your System?

Delta 8 THC lasts in your system from two to 30 days in general. If you took it only once, two days is typical. If you use it heavily, expect it to stay in your system more like 30 days, perhaps even longer if you are older or an extremely heavy user.

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