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The Best Ways to Use Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC: The Best Ways to Use Delta 8

Delta 8 THC has been confirmed as federally legal (with some stipulations about the amount derived from hemp), delighting users of the product and opening up its access to many others. Although some states have still chosen to ban the compound, most have welcomed it. Many people are now coming across it for the first time and deciding if they want to give it a shot. To make the most of Delta 8, you need to know the best ways to use it in life and see how you can get the most benefit.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about how to start using Delta 8.

How to Use Delta 8: The Products

The first thing you should be aware of is the various forms that Delta 8 THC comes in. There are many options available.


Tinctures are many people’s first introduction to Delta 8 use. You usually hold them under the tongue for around a minute and then swallow the rest, and they can take around an hour to kick in. Although many people don’t like the taste, they do come in different flavors so there are some options available for people who want something sweeter.


The next most common Delta 8 product is likely edibles. This is the easiest way to measure out a specific dose, as each edible will come with a predetermined amount (which you can then divide up into the regular dose). Although gummies are the most common form of edibles, you may also find chocolate, cake, and other products. They come in many more flavors and forms than tinctures, which can be limited.

They’ll last for a long time, but they also take a while to kick in so aren’t the best option for those who need something fast-acting.


Although Delta 8 flowers look very much like the full (and illegal in many states) form of marijuana, they aren’t. They’re usually just hemp that’s been sprayed with Delta 8, and smoking — although less fun in flavor — kicks in quicker than edibles and tinctures.

You can also choose to smoke it via vape pen. This will kick in just as fast but the carts will come in different flavors.

Which Product Should I Try?

Which product you should try depends on your personal preference. If you don’t want to wait for ages for it to kick in, then smoking is your best option. Smoking also wears off more quickly so if you take too much and don’t enjoy the experience, you’ll come back down faster.

However, it’s almost impossible to measure the dosage when smoking, which is why many people opt for edibles on their first try. Just make sure you don’t take too much — edibles can take a while to kick in, so don’t make the classic mistake of taking some more when you don’t feel anything after an hour.

When to Use Delta 8: The Advantages

So now you know about the products, when and why should you use them?

The most important thing to remember is that different products create different effects. Since Delta 8 is now legal almost everywhere, it’s important to buy from a reputable dispensary. They’ll be able to give you advice on their different products and the effect they create.

For example, if a Delta 8 product is meant for night-time sleep, the last thing you want to do is take it at 8 am to get you in the mood for work!

Here’s when Delta 8 use can come in very handy, depending on the chosen product.

When You Need to Relax

Many people report that a Delta 8 “high” makes them feel very relaxed and unbothered. If you struggle to unwind at the end of a long day, then taking a small dose of Delta 8 can help you relax on the couch and stop thinking about work.

When You Need to Concentrate

Some products are good for giving you a bit of a concentration buzz and helping you focus.

If you struggle at work or you have a project deadline looming, it’s a good idea to look for one that helps you stay aware.

When You Need to Sleep

Some products are specifically marketed to help with sleep. They not only make you relax, but they can help you to get and stay asleep so if you have trouble with insomnia, this can be huge.

When You Need Pain Relief

Although very little research has been done on the physical effects of Delta 8, it has been said to help with pain relief. These mild effects can help with inflammation or injuries if you don’t want to take pain medication but need the help to take some edge off the aches.

When You Have Anxiety and Depression

For those who struggle with anxiety and depression, the effects of Delta 8 might lessen the symptoms. This can be huge for them.

Where to Get Delta 8

The main thing to remember is that you should only get Delta 8 from a reputable seller in your area. Since it’s so widely legal, there’s no need to resort to a back-alley seller who may not even be handing you Delta 8 — when you can’t verify the product, you never know.

At best, the advice they give you about the product is going to be unreliable and you may not get the effect you desire.

There Are Many Great Ways to Make Use of Delta 8

Delta 8 THC is an amazing product that, thanks to its recent legality, has benefitted a wide number of people. People have experienced help with pain relief, anxiety, concentration, and so much more, depending on the product they use and where they get it.

If you’re interested in trying it out, consider which product is best for you and ask the seller about the effects. Make sure to start on a low dosage and work your way up — you can always take more but you can’t take less. Delta XL delta 8 THC

Are you looking for some Delta 8? Check out our collection today — we have various products, and you can contact us with any further questions! 



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