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delta 8 brands to avoid

Delta 8 Brands to Avoid: One in Particular is Shocking

Delta 8 Brands to avoid. With any emerging industry there are certainly great opportunities for many businesses to thrive. That is definitely the case with the hemp and delta 8 industry. But, that doesn’t come without the bad apples. 

Delta 8 Brands To Avoid: The Counterfeit

One company in particular was created with the pure purpose of misleading their customers and the general public through unethical  business practices. 

The bad apple company is called Pirate Bay Distro LLC located in Jacksonville, Florida, who appears to own and operate the website This is a “company” who has made their business by copying detail-for-detail, and perpetrating theft against the authentic brands Delta XL and WOW Vapors, and against SW Distro itself.

Going by the name Pirate Bay Distro LLC, they seem to have started their copying by using the ‘Distro’ in their corporate name. 

Next, they began to take on the aggressive counterfeiting  approach by immediately creating a “brand” called WOO Vapors, a direct counterfeit of WOW Vapors, the #1 delta 8 vape juice brand, and the original delta 8 vape juice brand created by SW Distro. 

See authentic WOW Vapors product below: 

WOW Vapors 2000mg Delta 8 Dragonfruit Vape Juice


Now see counterfeit brand WOO Vapors image below:

            WOO Vapors delta 8 vape juice scam product


Pirate Bay Distro LLC has created the following counterfeit products with its WOO Vapors delta 8 vape juice products, an exact duplication of WOW Vapors products:

Woo Vapors delta 8 vape juice 2000mg dragonfruit 
Woo Vapors delta 8 vape juice 4000mg dragonfruit 
Woo Vapors delta 8 vape juice 2000mg watermelon
Woo Vapors delta 8 vape juice 4000mg watermelon 
Woo Varpos delta 8 vape juice 2000mg mango
Woo Varpos delta 8 vape juice 4000mg mango 

It also appears there are 500mg WOO Vapors delta 8 vape juice counterfeit products as well. 

Each item listed above was copied detail-for-detail from the WOW Vapors brand. To say this is disturbing is an understatement. It is a sad story from someone who appears to work out of what appears to be a home office or bedroom.

Everything from the WOW Vapors brand name, the logo, labels, flavors, milligrams, have all been copied from WOW Vapors. And the only thing that has been changed is 1 letter in the word ‘WOW’ – very sad.

A pathetic attempt at a brand, or a complete scam? You decide. 

Delta 8 Brands to Avoid: Fraudulent Lab Reports

From further investigation, the lab reports on are all photoshopped versions of the authentic WOW Vapors lab reports from SDPharm Labs in San Diego – the lab that is used for WOW Vapors lab testing. It appears that the lab report names have been replaced from WOW Vapors, to one of the scam brands, Delta8.0.

This appears to be heading toward criminal liability. We certainly are no attorneys, but falsifying lab reports from a DEA registered and licensed laboratory, to us, appears to be a criminal felony. This didn’t appear to slow down the scam company, Pirate Bay Distro LLC.

See below for authentic lab test completed by SDPharmLabs San Diego, CA for WOW Vapors delta 8 vape juice product.

Notice the lab test number in the upper left corner is the same on each lab test: SD210204-006.


WOW Vapors Real Lab Test



Now see below for the same lab test number on Pirate Bay Distro fraud lab report.

Notice the lab number is the same in the upper left corner, but the ‘Tested For’, the dates sample was received, and Sample name have been forged. 

WOO Vapors Counterfeit Lab Report


Delta 8 Brands to Avoid: Acts of Fraud

Next, the Delta XL brand was targeted. 

Everything from the logo, labels, packaging, strains, product content details and descriptions, and even lab reports- have all been used to create Delta8.0 a knock off brand of Delta XL. This ‘company’ could not come up with their own strains to use for their products, nor figure out what sort of packaging to use – it was simply copied from WOW Vapors and Delta XL.  They use the same logo, and only changed its color, like putting lipstick on a pig.  But overall it’s a sad story. Pirate Bay Distro and Delta8.0 simply altered some of the colors in the Delta XL logo.

Looking further, it appears Pirate Bay Distro LLC operates out of a home in Jacksonville located at 1520 PERSIMMON CIR N FERNANDINA BEACH, FL 32034 and is operating their hemp business unlicensed, without a permit – another crime. From looking at the corporate records, the owner’s name appears to be Shawn Bennett. 

Delta 8 Brands to Avoid: Stay Away

Copying in this form is fraud. It is fraud on the customers, fraud on the laboratory of which the lab reports were fraudulently altered, and its fraud against the Delta XL and WOW Vapors authentic brands. Fraud in any form, either civil or criminal is a crime. And to see the depths in which this “company” went to perpetuate their counterfeit scam is alarming.

We suggest any consumer who is researching legitimate brands to purchase, stay far away from Pirate Bay Distro LLC, Shawn Bennett, Delta8.0 or WOO Vapors, all of which are frauds. Be sure to check lab reports for details and scan the QR codes at the bottom. If the lab reports do not have a QR Code, you should call the lab directly and request a copy of the lab report to verify its authenticity. 

delta 8 Brands to avoid: summary

We certainly are disturbed by the desperation and low depths some will go.  One lesson here is our basic advice to stay in school. Copying in any form is lazy, and copying in the form of the individual Shawn Bennett appears to be an actual crime. For authentic Delta XL or WOW Vapors products you can visit,, or Check product label names to be sure they are accurate for Delta XL or WOW Vapors products and for questions you can contact us at any time to: sales@swdistro,com. 

Fortunately the hemp industry is becoming quickly regulated. Any company you work with should have a valid hemp permit from their corresponding department of agriculture. SW Distro holds its USDA Hemp Foods Manufacturing Permit, operates in an FDA Registered Facility, and is cGMP compliant.

For further questions or to work with a company who cares, contact us today for more information. And don’t forget to shop our delta 8 THC products, CBD Oil, THCO products, and more. We have a vast array of high quality, and popular authentic products available to purchase for retail and wholesale.

SW Distro also offers white labeling and private labeling through Organics Fulfillment; private labeling division.

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