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Delta 8 Flower

What is Delta 8 Flower?

Here is a surprising stat about Delta 8; one in six cannabis users report also using Delta 8. Delta 8 is often seen as a milder alternative to cannabis. Whether you’ve never used cannabis or you’re a long-time cannabis user, you might consider using Delta 8 if you’re looking for a more relaxed smoking experience. 

How long does a delta 8 high last

How Long Does a Delta 8 High Last? What You Need to Know

In 2021 it was reported that the global hemp market was worth roughly $4.5 billion. As the hemp market continues to grow more people are trying hemp products, and one of the most popular products today is Delta 8, but one question that people have is how long does a Delta high last? 

Is Delta 8 Legal in Arizona

Is Delta 8 Legal in Arizona? Everything You Need To Know And Where To Buy

The popularity of Delta 8 is booming, as the market boomed by 705% in a recent year. It’s a hemp derivative that people use recreationally, therapeutically, and medically, with incredible results. Because people enjoy the hemp plant for so many reasons, it’s only natural that they’re also finding new and different ways to use it. Delta 8 is one of the hottest, and fastest-growing segments of this market. 
Is Delta 8 legal in Arizona? What should you know about buying and using it? We’re happy to explain.

How to Roll a Joint By SW Distro

As of 2022, the legal hemp market is booming. With the fast growth of hemp and THC legalization, many people are trying hemp-derived products for the first time, but one question that many people have is: How do you roll a joint?

Is delta 8 legal in louisiana

Is Delta 8 Legal in Louisiana? Everything you Need to know and where to buy

Google searches for Delta 8 have increased by 705% recently. It’s the compound that is taking the hemp industry by storm and is growing in popularity everywhere. Before anything, you need to understand the legality of Delta 8, particularly in your state of residence. It’s worth exploring if you live in Louisiana and are interested in these products. Is Delta 8 legal in Louisiana? What should you know about this hemp-based compound? Keep reading to learn more.

is delta 8 legal in illinois

Is Delta 8 Legal in Illinois? Find Out Here And Where To Buy

Public interest in Delta 8 THC has increased drastically from 2020 to 2021; this interest continues to reach soaring heights in states where recreational cannabis is illegal. But what does this mean for states like Illinois, where cannabis use is legal?

what is a specialty store

What Is a Specialty Store? Find Out From Specialty Wholesale

With over 2.1 million online stores promising to sell you something special, it’s hard to find something truly unique. But if you know where to look, specialty stores can offer some amazing finds that aren’t available elsewhere.

cbd vs thc

CBD vs THC: The Differences Explained

Did you know that the cannabis plant naturally produces 80 to 100 cannabinoids? It is also home to around 300 other chemicals, including terpenes and fatty acids. Yet, most people only know about CBD and THC. CBD, THC, and a compound known as CBN (cannabinol) are the major compounds found in cannabis, so that’s no wonder. But do you understand the difference between CBD vs THC? CBD and THC are both cannabinoids. CBD stands for cannabidiol, while THC typically stands for delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. And this is only the beginning of the differences between the two. What else do you need to know about these two cannabinoids? We are giving you all the details next, so keep reading this guide for everything you need to know.

is delta 8 legal in california

Is Delta 8 Legal in California? What You Need to Know And Where to Buy

The hemp and cannabis plants were both first discovered and used around 2,800 BC in China. Since then, both of these plants and their products have remained popular, and today, there are many products made from these plants that are available across the country, such as delta 8. But is delta 8 legal in California, you might ask?

is delta 8 safe

Is Delta 8 Safe? A Helpful Guide

Recent studies found that approximately 49% of adults have tried marijuana. Compared to 50 years ago, this percentage is up nearly 45%, and the number keeps growing. While many states have started legalizing medicinal and/or recreational marijuana use, you may have come across a new debate: is delta 8 safe? Delta 8 is a relatively new product, emphasizing a milder high compared to traditional THC products. 

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