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Jesse Myers, Founder

Born in Montclair, NJ, 12 miles from New York City, and raised in nearby Glen Ridge, Myers learned about hemp culture at an early age.


In 1993, a pre-teen Jesse and his older brother visited Yippie veteran and founder of the Yipster Times Dana Beal in Beal’s West Village loft. The brothers had learned about Beal’s activism in High Times magazine, and knocked on his door unannounced.


Encouraged by their enthusiasm, Beal set aside an hour to discuss the Yippie movement and his efforts to legalize marijuana (Jesse was particularly struck by the ten-foot-tall hemp leaf flag on the wall).


Two years later, Myers returned to attend the first major cannabis-legalization rally, held in Greenwich Village’s Washington Square Park. Beal happened to be a speaker at the event, which attracted thousands of supporters and counter-protestors. Hundreds of legalization proponents were arrested that day, which only stiffened Myer’s resolve to advocate for what he believed to be right.


After attending college for a year in Ohio, Myers’ dreams outgrew his surroundings, and he bought a one-way ticket to Yosemite National Park, in California to reunite with some childhood friends. He later moved to Santa Cruz, CA and then to San Diego, where he earned his college degree in business administration from California State University San Marcos, with Deans List Honors.


Equipped with a sense of purpose and the training to make his vision a reality, Myers then dedicated himself to learning the entire cannabis production chain from a business perspective. From cultivation to harvest, preparation and extraction to marketing and regulatory matters, Myers learned the inner workings of a trade that was still in its infancy. Some of the relationships he established back in those days continue to form the backbone of his current enterprises.


Now based in Florida’s gulf coast, Myers has established himself as one of the industry’s most forward-thinking and successful leaders. His embrace of FDA and USDA recognition has helped take the cannabis sector from the fringe to the mainstream. 


Myers takes great pride in how far his team has come, and in his companies’ track record of giving back to the community.


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